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Background Information

In the coming years, Charlottetown, like cities across the globe, will face a lot of challenges and opportunities including; How will Investing in our Future help us meet these challenges and opportunities?

Investing in our Future will help us:
  • Shift from a reactive, problem-solving approach, to a community-driven style that mobilizes individual and community talents, skills and assets
  • Work towards reducing risks and adapting to sudden shocks or slow changes to our communities
  • Ensure that planning and development decisions made in the short-term are infused by a long-term vision
  • Protect resources by reinforcing and acting on sustainability principles
  • Develop an action plan and tools to help us become more sustainable
The ICSP will raise awareness of:
  • The limits of our environmental and natural resources
  • Social changes - making our society more capable of dealing with changing needs in a proactive manner.
  • Economic shifts - making our society more capable of positioning itself competitively over the long-term.
  • Community and municipal action that can contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018
Our Sustainable City

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