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The City of Charlottetown's Civic Board for Persons with Disabilities has released a report and recommendations for City Council to consider as it works toward the goal of transforming Charlottetown into a Barrier-Free City.

The report and recommendations are the result of a Barrier-Free City Forum hosted by the City and the Board in October 2015. The full-day event was a visioning session and provided an opportunity to brainstorm ways to make the city more inclusive and accessible.

Some of the general recommendations compiled as a result of a forum include:

  • Integrate a "disability lens" into all aspects of City business;
  • Create a checklist/guideline document for improving the accessibility of events;
  • Share the Barrier-Free City report with stakeholders and other levels of government;
  • Develop a strategy for communicating with the private sector about the benefits of improved accessibility;
  • Keep accessibility at the forefront of discussions with developers (new infrastructure and renovations);
  • Improve signage on City buildings to promote accessibility options;
  • Create a database of programs, services, resources and links on the City's website that captures disability related information, especially as it applies to City services;
  • Ask Police Services to consider increasing parking fines for people illegally parking in disabled parking spots;
  • Create a map of existing benches and determine where the gaps might be in terms of offering rest areas in the city;
  • Research standards for accessibility and cost out upgrades needed to improve accessibility in City buildings. Begin making upgrades as funding allows.

Besides the general recommendations, there are also departmental specific recommendations, including information for Planning and Heritage, Human Resources, Public Works, Transit, Emergency Services, Parks and Recreation, Water and Sewer Utility, and Tourism.

Council will officially vote on receiving the report and the recommendations at the public meeting on Monday, March 14.

View Report (PDF document):
Download PDF file

View Recommendations from the Board (PDF document):
Download PDF file

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2017
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