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Cosmetic Pesticide Report
In December 2006 following an expression of interest from residents and groups within the City, Council passed a resolution to create an ad-hoc committee who would:

Gather public input through public hearings;
Meet with interested groups/organizations, if requested;
Review all Federal and Provincial legislation about the issue;
Cause research of the issues to be conducted as deemed necessary;
Provide a written report to Charlottetown City Council including a course of action for Council to follow if any is required;
Any other activities as deemed appropriate by the Committee.

In July 2007 the Cosmetic Pesticide ad-hoc Committee completed their work and submitted their report to City Council. In August 2007 City Council passed a resolution making the report public.

Click here to download Pesticide Committee Report

Although the report recommends municipal regulation on the cosmetic use of pesticides it also clarifies that on Prince Edward Island, municipalities do not have the authority to carry out such regulation. With this clarified, in August 2007 City Council passed a resolution to request the Government of Prince Edward Island to pass enabling legislation to provide municipalities on Prince Edward Island this authority.

Until such time as the Government of Prince Edward Island passes the necessary legislation the City of Charlottetown will continue to review the recommendations provided within the Report of the City of Charlottetown Cosmetic Pesticide ad-hoc Committee

Earth Hour A Success!
The City of Charlottetown Environment Committee would like to thank all Charlottetown residents and businesses that participated in Earth Hour. The result of this was a saving of 14.8 megawatts of electricity Islandwide, which is equivalent to turning out 250,000 sixty watt light bulbs or the CO2 emissions saved from 1,022 gallons of gasoline consumed! Earth Hour is a global World Wildlife Fund sponsored event, that was held this year on Saturday March 29 from 8 to 9pm to raise awareness on taking action against climate change.

In keeping with the spirit of this event, the Environment Committee would like to remind everyone that Earth Hour is something that we can keep in mind every day. With a few simple gestures, we can all help take action against climate change. For further information on the Environment Committee’s activities and some suggestions for everyday energy efficiency click here.


Saturday, Feb 24, 2018
City Hall
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