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Metro Fire Prevention AssociationThe Metro Fire Prevention Association is a group of volunteers from North River, Crossroads and Charlottetown Fire Departments that meet on a regular basis in order to promote and enhance fire prevention. This Association has been quite successful in acquiring educational material and prevention tools in order to encourage fire safety. Throughout the years they have focused on education as a means to motivate the public, having them check their smoke alarms, participate in fire drills, attend open houses and set up fire prevention displays.

SparkinA new miniature fire truck, named Sparkin, will be shared between the metro area fire departments. This 14'x5' model is designed on a golf cart chassie to allow children an opportunity to feel like they are driving in a real fire truck. Built by Kent Stewart with the help of Ben and Anson Grant and many sponsors this truck will be used for parades, education sessions as well as mall and other events.

Freddie the Fire Truck
Freddie the Fire TruckThanks to the various fire departments, the Island Shriners, the general public and Metro Fire Prevention, Freddie was acquired for educational purposes. Freddie is an exciting tool used for teaching fire safety. An animated dog in a robotronic fire truck he speaks, moves, listens, winks and can even play music all by remote control. He is just the right size to talk to children at their level and can travel freely throughout the halls and school corridors. He presents a very positive image to children and promotes fire safety in a manner they listen to and remember. His headlights, siern and warning lights lets you know he is coming your way. Used for parades, educational purposes, public relations and fire department tours Freddie continues to encourages fire safety in his own unique way. The truck is used for parades, fairs, classrooms and events that encourage community safety. He is available to fire stations by calling (902) 629-4082.

Meeting Place Markers
Meeting Place MarkersAnother initiative that the Metro Fire Prevention Association has put in place to educate children on fire safety is the distribution of Meeting Place Markers. The meeting place markers are markers used for children to identify the location to meet their family members in case of fire. We have told people over the years to practice and plan a fire drill from their home and once out, stay out and go to their meeting place. To make things simple the Metro Fire Prevention Association designed this very bright, colorful decal, placed on a driveway marker that is highly visible and a reminder to families showing them where they should meet should a fire occur in their home. They are easily movable in case of snow or grass cutting, are 4 feet in height and should be placed away from the home in the backyard. The decals can also be used without the stand and can be placed on a fence, a shed or a location you feel is safely away from the home. Seeing these brightly colored markers from a window may even remind us to practice a fire drill from our home as well as check our smoke alarms. Remember having working smoke alarms, practicing a home escape plan, meeting at the meeting place marker and staying out once you are out are the key factors in a successfully managing a home fire emergency situation.

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018
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