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2015-05-19 - Charlottetown Encourages Continued Conservation Efforts

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The forecast of warmer, drier days ahead brings with it a reminder to the public from the City of Charlottetown’s Water and Sewer Utility to be conscious of excessive water usage and take advantage of the many conservation programs available in Charlottetown.

"Water is not a resource that we should be taking for granted. It’s not an unlimited resource and does need to be protected and conserved in order to be plentiful for future generations," said Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee. "Conservation is something we take seriously and we hope our citizens do as well. Each of our departments make efforts to conserve and our Utility has some great programs in place. We encourage the public to keep water conservation in mind year-round, especially as the summer draws near."

The Water and Sewer Utility is still accepting applications from volunteers to have a water meter installed. Being on a water meter allows residents or business owners to track and control how much water they pay for and use in their homes or place of business.

"Our goal is a universal water metering program," said Councillor Edward Rice, Chair of the City’s Water and Sewer Utility committee. "Research indicates a water meter could save an average of four cubic metres of water per customer, per month. Beyond that, there are other things that the public can be doing to conserve. We encourage everyone to look at their showerheads, taps and washers, and consider switching to low-flow fixtures. Every little bit counts and we all have to do our part."

The City offers a showerhead exchange program to any Utility customer who wants to replace a high-flow model with a low-flow one. Standard or handheld showerheads are provided free of charge to replace showerheads with a high flow rate (2.5 gpm/9.5 lpm or greater). The showerheads are available while supplies last. Replacing a showerhead in one residential home can save more than 74 litres of water per day.

Rebates are also offered by the City for Utility customers who purchase energy efficient clothes washers (conditions apply). More information on the rebate is available at: www.charlottetown.ca/clotheswasherrebateprogram.php
If all Charlottetown residents used efficient clothes washers it could save up to 108 million litres of water per year.

The public is also reminded of the City of Charlottetown seasonal water restrictions, which will come into effect on June 1. The City’s seasonal water restrictions are mandatory and allow for outdoor watering only in the early morning and evening hours. The hosing off of driveways and other hard surfaces is prohibited under the seasonal restrictions.

"The Utility staff can offer lots of other water saving tips, as well as more information on our conservation programs and incentives, so we encourage people to drop by City Hall or to call," said Councillor Rice. "We want to thank the public for their continued attention to the issue of conservation because there has been a lot of work in this area already, especially by community groups and members of our community. We just want to encourage that effort so we can all continued to work together to conserve."

For more information on water metering, the showerhead exchange program, clothes washer rebate or other ways to conserve water, contact the Charlottetown Water and Sewer Utility department at: 902-629-4014.


Photo Cutline:
There are many ways that business owners and residents can conserve water. The City of Charlottetown Water and Sewer Utility offers programs and information to assist the public in their conservation efforts. Councillor Edward Rice, Chair of the City’s Water and Sewer Utility Committee, and Utility Projects Officer Betty Pryor show some of the conservation tools available to Utility customers, such as: showerheads from the Showerhead Exchange Program, a rail barrel, a water meter, and a water conservation kit.

Media contact:

Jennifer Gavin
Communications Officer
City of Charlottetown

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018
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