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2015-08-04 - CARI Complex Steps on Board

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The CARI Complex is stepping on board to support the City of Charlottetown’s sustainability plan through a number of its initiatives this summer.  One of these initiatives is maximizing use of the transit system throughout the city. The CARI day camp participants are utilizing the City’s public transit system twice a week, as part of their daycamp experience for over one hundred school-aged children each week.

General Manager of the CARI Complex, Sue Fraser, who was also lead in the development of the City’s sustainability plan in her former work with the City of Charlottetown, states that seeing the children and staff all waiting at the bus stop to head downtown is a great visual demonstration of the valuable role that the public transit plays in our City.  In addition it teaches our next generation of users that it can be easy, affordable and fun.

Fraser adds that by having access to an integral transportation system also opens other doors for the children as well. 

"The fact that they also get the opportunity to go out into the community and learn valuable lessons in environmental awareness, experience cultural events and be active is an added bonus.  These types of programming opportunities will give them a better understanding of the opportunities that are within our city."

Mike Cassidy, Owner of T3 Transit, added that it is a great win for their operation.

"T3 transit is a part of the community.  Our team is happy to see the children aboard each week going to explore the city, all the while learning how transit operates.  The CARI Complex’s campers ride the bus over 200 trips each week to a variety of attractions & experiences around the City – all of us at T3 Transit are happy to be able to assist in helping provide these opportunities."

Adam Ross, the Director of Aquatics & Programming for the CARI Complex, added that it is a perfect tie in to their summer camps.

"With the bus stop right in front of the university campus and an easy transit schedule to tap into it’s become a major component of our program." He also noted, "It is an affordable solution for the camp program, to ensure that registration fees can be kept at a level that does not create financial barriers for families wanting to register their children." 

Ross added, "Prior to the partnership with T3 transit there were restrictions as to what resources we could tap into – but now opportunities for programming throughout the entire city are endless."

The CARI Complex offers the largest variety of summer daycamps in the Charlottetown area with over 45 different camps to choose from over a ten week period.  Each week children participate in swimming lessons and then focus on a theme that could range from sports, arts, crafts, up-cycling, boating or their hugely popular CARI Adventure Academy.  


For further information on CARI programs and services, contact the following:

Media Contact:

Adam Ross
(902) 569-4584 ext. 235

Read more: CARIComplexStepsOnBoard-July2015FINAL.pdf

Saturday, Feb 24, 2018
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