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2016-10-14 - Submitted Photo: Bioswale Demonstration Site at Simmons Arena

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Jamie McCamon, the project coordinator, explains how the bioswale will function. From left: Jean McCamon, volunteer; Ramona Doyle, City of Charlottetown Sustainability Officer; Beth Hoar, City of Charlottetown Parkland Conservationist; and Jeremy Pierce, City of Charlottetown Arenas Superintendent, work together to complete a bioswale and permeable paver demonstration project earlier today (Friday, October 14) at the Simmons Sport Centre.

A bioswale is meant to retain and filter stormwater and allow it to naturally absorb into the ground, rather than having it enter stormwater sewers .
Stormwater, also known as ‘runoff’, is the water that runs over surfaces like roads, buildings and agricultural land instead of seeping into the ground. This runoff can accumulate quickly and cause flooding and erosion. It also picks up pollutants and debris, and runs into our streams, rivers and lakes untreated. Conventional stormwater management channels excess water into storm drains and sewers as quickly as possible, without allowing for the rain to soak into the ground.

This project is a way to promote the use of permeable options in new developments to ease the strain on the existing Stormwater infrastructure within the city.


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Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018
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