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2017-01-09 - Cosmetic Pesticides Bylaw in Effect in Charlottetown

The City of Charlottetown’s Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw is now in effect, restricting the application of non-domestic pesticides for the control of pests on all properties within the municipality.

Information about the Bylaw is being distributed by mail and is available on the City’s website at: www.charlottetown.ca

"We have joined the Town of Stratford and the Town of Cornwall in implementing a Cosmetic Pesticides Bylaw that was adopted by our council after months of research, consultation, and feedback from the community," said Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee. "I want to thank all residents of the Capital City for their input and thoughtful consideration of this matter."

Municipalities were granted authority by the Province of PEI to regulate non-domestic pesticides. Non-domestic pesticides refers to commercial-grade pesticides applied by a commercial applicator, not those purchased in store and applied by individual homeowners.

The province will continue to regulate the use of non-domestic pesticides on agriculture land, golf courses, forests and on or inside of buildings, along with all domestic pesticide products that homeowners can purchase at a store and apply themselves.

Homeowners can continue to purchase products from local retailers to apply themselves or can continue to work with licensed applicators who can work within the bylaw to provide ongoing service.

The current bylaw provides for an exception for an insect infestation. To receive an exception, the homeowner or applicator is required to provide proof that the infestation meets the threshold outlined in the bylaw and to pay an administration fee in order to obtain permission to use a restricted pesticide on their property.

"Over the next few months, we will be making information available to the public on ways to maintain a healthy lawn naturally, as well as preventative measures for common lawn and garden concerns," said Councillor Mike Duffy, Chair of the City’s Environment and Sustainability Committee. "We also feel confident that applicators will be able to continue to provide service for our residents while working within the bylaw."

For tips on maintaining a naturally healthy lawn, visit: www.charlottetown.ca and click on the ‘Cosmetic Pesticide Bylaw Info’ button.

To view the full bylaw, visit www.charlottetown.ca/bylaws.php


More information is also attached.

Media contact:

Jennifer Gavin
Communications Officer
City of Charlottetown

Read more: Pesticideinfographicjan6.pdf

Visit the website: www.charlottetown.ca/bylaws.php

Sunday, Feb 18, 2018
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