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2017-06-12 - T3 Transit and Partners Announce ReadyPass for Buses

T3 Transit, in partnership with the City of Charlottetown, Town of Stratford and Town of Cornwall, has accepted a bid from ReadyPass and is excited to roll out the service to its transit riders in all three municipalities.

"The technology of ReadyPass takes our transit system to another level where next bus tracking and route planning is just a click on the screen… a new service for transit users and another example of continual support and commitment from our three municipalities," said Michael Cassidy, Owner T3 Transit.

ReadyPass is a smart bus technology that improves passenger experience and provides data to operators that can optimize routes and schedules. Passengers can download a free app onto their smart phone (iOS or Android) which allows them to plan trips online, track the location of their bus and get instant updates from the transit operators.

"We’re thrilled to be making this announcement. ReadyPass will provide valuable information to Transit to help find efficiencies, and it will significantly improve the rider experience," said Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee. "We’ve heard from other municipalities that have had great success with this and we’re excited to be in the position to start implementation in our own communities."

T3 Transit began investigating the feasibility of GPS tracking and user-app systems in 2014 and, at that time, the cost was not feasible as quotes were coming in at more than $600,000. T3 Transit recently issued an RFP and the proposals were reviewed by the Capital Area Transit Coordinating Committee, consisting of the CAO’s of Charlottetown, Stratford and Cornwall. ReadyPass had the lowest bid at $46,851. It also received a positive review from the City of Fredericton, New Brunswick, where it was implemented recently.

"The ReadyPass system will be a great asset to Stratford residents who currently use our transit system, while making it easier for potential users to choose this more sustainable transportation option," said Stratford Mayor David Dunphy. "This new technology will allow riders to plan their routes and schedules with ease, eliminating some of the barriers previously associated with bus travel."

ReadyPass has been working with other Atlantic Canadian municipalities to provide smart bus technology that is simple and cost effective for smaller operations. T3 Transit is agreeing to a 30-month contract and all three municipalities will be contributing to cover the cost. This initiative is part of the Phase II project of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund that also includes transit shelters.

"We are excited to announce this great smart bus technology that will enhance the convenience of using Transit with an easy to use free app as well as providing Transit staff with useful information to continue to provide a valuable service to our communities," said Cornwall Mayor Minerva McCourt.

The ReadyPass system will allow Transit staff to track ridership, routes and speeds with precision similar to Automated Vehicle Location Software. It’s expected to launch in the Fall of 2017. A further announcement will be made when the service is available to Transit riders in Charlottetown, Cornwall and Stratford.

For more information on ReadyPass, visit: www.readypass.ca 


Media contacts:

Jennifer Gavin
Communications Officer
City of Charlottetown

Erin Clarke
Community Engagement Coordinator
Town of Stratford
Phone: (902) 569-6921

Tracey MacLean
Engagement Coordinator
Town of Cornwall
902-628-6260 ext 228

Mike Cassidy
T3 Transit

Read more: NRReadyPassTransit.pdf

Thursday, Feb 22, 2018
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