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2014-10-08 - Water Utility to Begin Hydrant-Flushing Program

The City of Charlottetown’s Water and Sewer Utility wishes to advise the public that its bi-annual Hydrant-Flushing Program will begin the week of October 13 and last for approximately four weeks.

During this time, approximately 1,100 hydrants in the Capital City will be operated at full capacity for about three to five minutes each, until the water runs clear.

Water is released from the hydrants at a high velocity to ensure proper hydrant operation and flush sediment from the pipe network. The burst of water also removes corrosion from inside of the pipes to improve flow. All 1,100 hydrants will be inspected for leaks and lubricated in the event the fire department needs fast access to water. During the Fall Flushing, flags are added for the winter months to assist plow operators in locating hydrants.

Water from these hydrants will be allowed to flow freely during testing and cannot be captured at such high velocity for recycling. The public is asked to avoid hydrants as they are being flushed.

The Hydrant-Flushing Program is carried out each Spring and Fall to ensure every hydrant and watermain in Charlottetown is functioning properly. The program is based on best practices in other jurisdictions and considered necessary preventative maintenance to ensure water quality and improve public safety.

Residents may notice particles in their water, slight discolouration and/or a drop in water pressure during the flushing. The water is still safe to drink, and will clear up when the flushing program is completed.

The Water and Sewer Utility thanks the public for their patience and cooperation as this important task is completed.


Media contact:

Jennifer Gavin
Communications Officer
City of Charlottetown

Sunday, Mar 26, 2017
City Hall
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