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2014-12-12 - City employee recognized with Award of Merit

Recreation PEI is pleased to announce Nancy McMinn, Parks Superintendent for the City of Charlottetown Parks
and Recreation Department, has received the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association Award of Merit.
Throughout her career Nancy has been employed in the park sector in Alberta, Ontario and Prince Edward Island.
She has been a member of the Board of Directors of Recreation PEI since 2006. Nancy has contributed to the
advancement of Parks and Recreation at the local, provincial and national level. At the local level, she led an
initiative to create a "Children in Nature Program," through support from the IWK Foundation. This module recently
was used as a ‘best practice’ example by the CPRA Parks Committee.
This recipient’s work has made an outstanding contribution to local recreation and does so in the spirit of
contributing to the public good and the long term improvement of parks and facilities for the public benefit. Some of
the milestones of her department are:
1. Changing the way that playground equipment is installed. They began welding the equipment to metal
beams which reduces frost heave damage and makes the equipment easier to move. The new installation
method has been adopted by other communities and some schools.
2. Working between departments to coordinate park dedication locations. This has reduced the number of
parks that have limited or poor maintenance access to cut grass or install/fix equipment. This local initiative
has created better park spaces.
3. Closing a driving lane in Victoria Park each summer and dedicating it to cycling. This was a huge step
towards more environmentally friendly transportation, which is a global challenge.
4. Organizing a number of professional development opportunities through her department which she has
opened to staff from other jurisdiction’s which improves service in many areas (e.g. baseball/softball field
maintenance clinics)
Nancy has been a delegate representing Prince Edward Island at the National Recreation Summits in Alberta, New
Brunswick and Ontario. In the national arena, she serves on the CPRA Parks Task Force ensuring the voice of parks
is well represented. She co-presented at the World Leisure in Quebec in 2008. Nancy truly believes that community
parks play an essential role in the health and well being of Canadians, and that recreation contributes to livable
communities through the provision of parks, trails, community gardens and landscaped areas.

(Please note: this Recreation PEI news release is also attached below)

Read more: PressReleaseCPRAAward-NancyMcMinn.pdf

Thursday, Feb 22, 2018
City Hall
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