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2016-05-09 - Council Appoints Multi-Use Facility Taskforce

Charlottetown City Council appointed a multi-use taskforce at its public meeting of Council on May 9.

The Charlottetown Multi-Use Facility Project Exploratory Taskforce will examine the feasibility of establishing a new sport and entertainment facility in the Capital City and create a succession plan for aging and challenging facilities for City Council to review.

The taskforce will address a variety of marketplace and community needs, as well as identify deficiencies in sport and entertainment capacity. The group will look for partnership opportunities, and ways to establish a multi-purpose community facility that is competitive in the entertainment industry, while supporting existing and extended community recreational programming.

"The taskforce will look at current operations and updates needed at existing facilities, exploring the feasibility of creating a multi-use facility," said Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee. "In the end, we need to examine the capital costs and possible funding partners and create a business plan that makes financial sense."

The members of the taskforce, appointed by Council, are: Mike Hennessey, Chair; Brian Cameron; Spencer Campbell; Dennis King; Barb Stevenson; Mitchell Tweel; and Bernie Wood.

"Each of the people on the taskforce have agreed to volunteer their time and efforts to this project and Council is really appreciative of that," said Councillor Kevin Ramsay, Chair of the Advanced Planning, Priorities and Special Projects Committee.  "This taskforce will build on work that was done in the past and look at the big picture. It just doesn’t make sense to proceed with only part of the information. We need to take all factors into account before we move forward."


Please find attached the Terms of Reference for the Multi-Use Facility Project Exploratory Taskforce.

Media contact:

Jennifer Gavin
Communications Officer
City of Charlottetown


Read more: CharlottetownMulti-UseFacilityTaskForceTOR-FINAL.PDF

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018
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