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2017-06-08 - Commuting by Pedal Power

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Cycling is Andy Trivett's preferred choice of transportation for making the 19 kilometer round trip between his home and office.

"It’s such a great way to start the day. Most days, if the weather is decent, it’s really nice to get out there and get some fresh air before work."

About two years ago, Andy decided that the advantages of using a bicycle as a means to commute greatly outweighed any disadvantages, and he now takes his bike to work about four days a week throughout much of the year.

"For me, the season starts around the first of March. I don’t like to bike when it’s below zero, but you can have many days in March when it’s not below zero. I keep biking right through to early December. You get some days that are fabulous."

It also turns out that, for Andy, his cycling commuting time isn’t significantly longer than the time required using a vehicle. He can cycle to the front door of his office building, doesn't have to spend time searching for a parking space, and, doesn't have to spend four or five minutes walking from the parking space back to his building.

Andy wears proper biking clothes and, when he arrives at his office, he cools down and uses a towel to freshen up before changing into the work clothes he carries in his bike bag. Even this time is productive as he also uses it to prepare for his work day.

It’s not just his enjoyment of cycling that keeps Andy going. He is also well aware of the environmental and health benefits.
"When you’re out riding, you’re doing no harm to the environment. You’re not emitting any pollution, and you’re doing good for yourself."

Does Andy have any advice for beginner commuters? You bet he does!
"Just give it a try. Some morning, give yourself some extra time and see how it goes. Also, with the right attitude and with a bit of practice, the Hillsborough Bridge is not as scary as you think. It’s actually quite doable!"

Andy’s Estimated Annual Savings
840 kg of CO2, 350 litres of gasoline, $385

Notes – Andy’s annual kilometers (km) displaced = 19 km/trip x 4 trips/week x 32 weeks/year = 2,432 km. His estimated annual savings, based on city driving, are as follows. Gas: 14.4 liters/100 km x 2,432 km = 350 liters; CO2: 350 liters x 2.4 kg of CO2/liter = 840 kg; and financial savings: 350 liters x $1.10/liter = $385/year. The Town of Stratford’s "Stratford in Action" booklet originally shared this item as one of many best practices for residents to reduce their carbon footprints. The City of Charlottetown thanks Andrew Trivett for kindly granting us permission to redistribute this info in support of Bike Week, and Car Free Day this Friday, June 9, 2017.

Thursday, Jan 18, 2018
City Hall
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