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2014-03-21 - Water & Sewer Annual Report Highlights Initiatives Supporting World Water Day

The City of Charlottetown is proud of the water quality and wastewater treatment that it delivers to its residents.  In conjunction with World Water Day on March 22nd, the 2013 Water & Sewer Report is released and available to the public.  

In addition to the summary of the water quality and wastewater treatment analysis, as required by provincial regulations, the report contains information about the Utility, its projects and its employees.  Residents are encouraged to view the report online at http://city.charlottetown.pe.ca/waterutility.php or arrange for a hardcopy by contacting Charlottetown City Hall, 199 Queen Street.

The Utility is continuing with conservation efforts and developing its new water source. Mayor Clifford Lee recognizes that, while awareness of water demands and external environmental factors are important, it is also important to engage in feasible sustainable options for the future. "The City has initiated new programs over the last few years to assist in the reduction of our water consumption while being proactive in seeking new sources to meet our needs", says Mayor Lee.  "The continuing effort from Utility staff and engagement from the community is positive towards meeting these objectives."  

By all indications, residents are eager to participate in water conservation measures.  The Chair of Water and Sewer Utility, Councillor Edward Rice, says the residents of Charlottetown are to be commended.  "The residents of Charlottetown have shown significant support for various programs and initiatives implemented by the City. Through low consumption fixtures replacing older model fixtures, residents are contributing to reducing or reclaiming water usage throughout the City."

This proactive approach towards the City’s water supply, in addition to conservation measures, is expected to keep the City of Charlottetown’s water supply sustainable and healthy for the long term.  For more information on the variety of rebates, free programs, an interactive water calculator and conservation measures, visit the City’s homepage and select the "Switch To A Meter" link. 


Direct Link to Water Report noted below

Media contact:

Cate Proctor
Communications Officer
City of Charlottetown

Visit the website: city.charlottetown.pe.ca/waterutility.php

Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018
City Hall
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