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2014-03-28 - City Notes Earth Hour As An Important Focus for Sustainable Energy Consumption

The City of Charlottetown’s focus on sustainability includes everyday measures that have been adopted since 2010, identified in its Sustainability Plan. Some of these measures include saving electricity, the same focus of the annual Earth Hour awareness program.

In an effort to conserve energy, municipal buildings are powered down as much as possible during evening hours throughout the whole year. Attention to safety requirements remains an important consideration at all sites.  The municipality has also incorporated streetlights with built-in daylight sensors that determine their illumination, as opposed to manual switch operation of the past.

As a measure to build participation in sustainable energy use, the City welcomes residents to share their own Earth Hour ideas and activities via the City’s Facebook page, Charlottetown – Great Things Happen Here.  "By sharing ideas and activities around this important global event, we encourage each other to be more mindful of how we utilize our energy resources," says Mayor Clifford Lee. "I look forward to reading about the creative ways people will utilize an hour in the dark."

Earth hour officially runs from 8:30PM-9:30PM on Saturday, March 29, 2014.


Link to Sustainability Sub-sites and reports outlined below.


Media contact:

Cate Proctor
Communications Officer
City of Charlottetown

Visit the website: www.city.charlottetown.pe.ca/sustainablecity.php

Monday, Feb 19, 2018
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