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2014-06-23 - Water Saving Devices Available at Charlottetown Water and Sewer Utility

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The City of Charlottetown’s Water and Sewer Utility is encouraging the public to use water saving devices to cut down on the amount of water being drawn from the Winter River basin.

The Utility is offering low-cost water saving devices to its customers along with the free showerhead exchange program, which is continuing throughout 2014 (while quantities last).

"The City of Charlottetown is committed to water conservation and reducing water waste all year, but we stress conservation even more so at this time of year when water usage within the city is at its highest," said Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee. "The Water and Sewer Utility has many programs designed to help and by taking advantage of these programs, residents and businesses can save money on their water bills (if metered) and can help us reduce water usage in Charlottetown."

The following water-saving devices are available at the City Hall Utility desk, 199 Queen Street, on a first-come basis:

• Bathroom faucet aerator for $1.00 (including tax)
 - Designed to fit most bathroom faucets, these aerators control water flow from your tap to ensure that you receive optimal pressure using less water.

• Toilet flapper for $1.00 (including tax)
 - Flappers are the rubber mechanisms in toilets that can deteriorate over time and cause a slow water leak. By replacing the flapper, the amount of water used by a toilet can be reduced.

• 1.5 gpm Earth Massage Showerhead for $4.00 (including tax)
 - These showerheads control water flow from your showerhead and have three control settings.  Not only do they save water but they can reduce energy costs by reducing hot water use.

• Water Conservation Kit for $10.00 (including tax)
 - These kits include everything you need to make your home "water friendly".  Each kit includes 1 earth massage showerhead; 2 bathroom faucet aerators; 1 kitchen faucet aerator with swivel head; a toilet tummy and a cycle diverter to reduce litres per flush in your existing toilet tank; a leak detection kit for toilets; plumbing tape and installation instructions.

The free showerhead exchange program is also available. Charlottetown Water and Sewer Utility customers can bring in up to two old showerheads with a flow-rate of more than 2.5 gallons/9.5 litres per minute to exchange for a new, low-flow Kohler showerhead.

"Replacing a showerhead in your home can save more than 74 litres of water per day," said Councillor Edward Rice, chair of the City’s Water and Sewer Utility committee. "We are offering water saving devices to our customers to provide another avenue for them to save water and money. It’s important to note that just because we had a lot of snow this winter doesn’t mean there isn’t a strain on the Winter River basin. We can’t become complacent; we need to look at water conservation efforts every year, all year and continue to make that a focus in our homes and businesses."
For more tips on how to reduce water waste or to learn about the City’s Take Control water meter program, please visit: http://www.BeWaterFriendly.com

To learn more about the City’s water restrictions, visit: Charlottetown.ca and click on the Water Use Restrictions button.


Media contact:

Jennifer Gavin
Communications Officer
City of Charlottetown

Thursday, Feb 22, 2018
City Hall
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