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The Charlottetown Police Department, working together with the Community, strives to protect life and property and in so doing hopes to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Charlottetown and it’s visitors.

The Charlottetown Police Dept. operates with a complement of 53 sworn police officers and 14 civilian staff. The Department has the following sections: Administration, Uniform Patrol, Traffic Section, Criminal Investigation Branch, Identification Section, Telecom Section, Court Office, Community Policing, Parking Tickets, Property Records Section, and Joint Forces Operations.

The Police Department also has an involvement with the United Nations Peacekeeping and a new endeavour entitled National Weapons Enforcement (NWEST). The department has members involved with the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and other members on the Tactical Troop.

The Administration Section includes Chief Paul Smith; Deputy Chief Richard Collins, responsible for administration and support services; Deputy Chief Gary McGuigan, responsible for operations; and Administration Assistant Helen McGuigan. This section is responsible for all administrative duties of the department.

Uniform Patrol
This section is responsible for enforcement of the Criminal Code of Canada and other Federal Statutes, enforcement of Provincial Statutes, and Municipal Bylaws. At present we have 53 sworn police officers tasked with keeping the City of Charlottetown a safer place to live and work. During the summer months, we have a bicycle patrol and members on foot patrol. We also have a Motorcycle Unit which works in conjunction with the Traffic Section. At present, we have 2 Sergeants, 8 Corporals, and 43 Constables.

Bylaw Enforcement
The Bylaws identified below fall under the realm of the Bylaw Enforcement Officer and are acted upon as a result of complaints received from City residents. It is through the enforcement of these Bylaws that the City is able to maintain its image as being a safe and clean environment for all.

Bylaw enforcement encompasses a number of City Bylaws such as the following:
Dangerous, Hazardous and Unsightly Bylaw
Nuisance Bylaw
Dog Control Bylaw
Snow Removal Bylaw

For additional information contact:
Bylaw Enforcement Officer

Major Crime
The Criminal Investigation Branch (C.I.B) is a 3-member section consisting of a Corporal and 2 Constables. This section is primarily tasked with criminal matters of a serious nature such as homicides, sexual assaults, serious frauds, etc.

Identification Section
The Identification Section is a one-man Section primarily responsible for Crime Scene Analysis and Evidence Collection.

Telecoms Section
The Telecommunications Section consists of a Coordinator and 6 calltakers. This section is responsible for receiving and dispatching all emergency and non-emergency police and fire calls for the City of Charlottetown. It is also the site of one of the 3 Provincial Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP’s) for the enhanced 911 Emergency Response System.

Court Office
The Court Office is tasked with Court Liaison, receives all court-related matters, and prepares same for Court, Crown Prosecutor’s Office, and Department personnel.

Parking Tickets
The Police Department is responsible for 4 Canadian Corps of Commissionaires who are tasked with parking enforcement in the downtown area. For convenience, payments of these tickets may be made at two locations. A drop box is available on the main floor of City Hall as well as ticket payments may be made in person or through the use of a drop box at the police station at 10 Kirkwood Drive. If a problem exists with an issued violation, a person may complete a Dispute Resolution Form (available on the main floor of City Hall or the Police Station). As an additional convenience, persons may also direct inquiries on parking tickets to tvessey@charlottetown.ca or lebarry@charlottetown.ca or call (902) 629-4041.

Many articles are turned into the Police Department as found articles. Many of these articles are bicycles which are held in the impound area of the station. Twice yearly (May & October) an auction of bicycles and other property is held at the Police Station. Auction dates can be confirmed through this web site, property office, or local Guardian newspaper. For persons having inquiries with respect to property call (902) 629-4049.

Records Section
The Records Section consists of 3 data entry clerks who are responsible for inputting data from police records into the Police Information Retrieval System (PIRS) and placing records on the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC). They also conduct criminal record searches for the International Fingerprint Society of Canada (IFSC).

Joint Forces
Additional services in policing are available to the City through our involvement in Joint Force Operations (JFO) with the RCMP. A JFO provides improved service in a very effective and efficient manner for both agencies. At present, this department is involved in 3 ongoing JFO’s.

Drug Investigations
Subject to demands, 1 – 2 members are assigned to RCMP Drug Section for investigation work in the greater Charlottetown area. This type of operation affords increased resources in the area of drug enforcement.

Tactical Troop
Three patrol officers and one traffic officer are presently assigned to the “L” Division Tactical Troop. In other jurisdictions this unit would commonly be referred to as a riot squad. This unit trains on a monthly basis and would be deployed in instances where crowd control is a grave concern.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)
This is a small special tactical unit, more commonly knows as SWAT. Two patrol members are presently assigned to this team which train on a monthly basis.

UN Peace Keeping
The Police Department has been involved with the Federal Government, through the RCMP, in peacekeeping activities. The Peacekeeping role sees various Canadian police officers serving in such areas as Kosovo, Bosnia, Haiti, etc., providing policing assistance at the community level as well as training new officers. Involvement is beneficial to the officer in terms of experience, the City for exposure and involvement in world peacekeeping efforts, and also in providing 9 months full-time employment for a part-time officer. There is no cost to the City in terms of personnel as the Federal Government reimburses the City for costs associated to pay and benefits for the officer deployed.

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Friday, Feb 24, 2017
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